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Strawberry Shortcake Birthday
with Strawberry Shortcake and Her Friends

For a sweet, fun party for little girls, a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party is always a great idea!

The decorations are pretty and there are a lot of fun things you can do with a Strawberry Shortcake theme.

More importantly, you're giving your daughter a whole cast of great role models. The characters are kind, generous, and responsible. They are filled with the qualities that every parent wants to instill in a daughter.

By the way, you can also download a free iPad or iPhone app with Strawberry Shortcake Comics for your little darling.

If you decide to throw a birthday party for your little girl, then you should first meet Strawberry Shortcake herself! Many of today's parents remember this spunky and sweet-smelling redhead.

She hasn't changed much--optimism, charity, and adventurousness are still her most important qualities. Her main goal is to make things better for her friends, and she never minds having an adventure or two along the way.

Orange Blossom is her friend, as well as a wonderful friend to the earth. You'll definitely want to invite her to your birthday party!

Orange Blossom is a kind and generous friend who always tries to lend a helping hand.

Be sure to invite Angel Cake to your birthday as well.

Angel Cake is the artist of the bunch, and her home is beautifully decorated with stunning cakes. She can be a bit moody, but she's also a great friend.

Ginger Snap is Strawberry Shortcake's scientist friend. Ginger is an inventor, and her favorite invention is a machine that bakes her favorite cookies--ginger snaps! No Strawberry Shortcake birthday would be complete without this darling friend.

Blueberry Muffin is the dramatist of the group, and if you invite her to your Strawberry Shortcake birthday, she's sure to start a game of charades!

Blueberry Muffin loves to read, and has a wonderful imagination. Her dramatic gestures and talent for thinking of make-believe games make her a wonderful addition to the group.

Finally, don't forget to invite Huckleberry Pie to your Strawberry Shortcake birthday party! Huckleberry Pie might convince everyone to zoom down hills on skateboards, but he's just as likely to lead them on an adventure hike through the woods.

A Strawberry Shortcake party can be the perfect solution for parents who are trying to give their daughters a birthday party that is fun and memorable, but also supports the values that they're trying to showcase.

If you invite Strawberry Shortcake and the rest of the Strawberryland inhabitants, you can enjoy your daughter's birthday party without worrying about what you're teaching her.


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