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Strawberry Plant Care

Strawberry plant care is not a miracle science, here are some important tips:

People love having strawberries in the garden because they taste good and are easy to grow. If you pick the right type for your needs and plant them in a sunny spot with good drainage, your plants will grow strawberries that will look good and taste delicious. If you know a bit about strawberry plant care and maintenance, though, your plants will grow more berries and last longer.

Weed out unwanted plants
Strawberries have shallow roots, so it's important to keep your garden free of weeds that could compete for water and nutrients. Weed carefully so you don't damage the roots, and mulch around your strawberries so that weeds won't return.

Good strawberry plant care includes a balanced approach to fertilizers. Mix a 10-10-10 fertilizer into the dirt before you plant strawberries, and fertilize once per year after the last fruit harvest. Don't over-fertilize your strawberries, because too much fertilizer can reduce the amount of fruit your plants produce and will make your plants more susceptible to disease.

Controlling diseases and pests
Good gardening practices will keep your strawberries disease and pest free. Strawberries are susceptible to viruses, so buy certified disease-free varieties. To prevent fungal diseases, water strawberries in the morning so that the leaves will dry out during the day. Watch for insect problems and treat them quickly, because bugs can spread disease, eat your fruit, and damage your plants.

Even though strawberries are perennials, they do need to be replaced every few years. After about four seasons, strawberry plants start producing less fruit. I like to plant a few runners each year, so that I can remove older plants without reducing the next year's yield.

Strawberries are not completely maintenance-free, but good strawberry plant care is easy if you know the rules. Remembering to weed carefully, fertilize appropriately, control pests and diseases, and replace older plants will help you to have plenty of strawberries in your garden, year after year.

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