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Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Still need a present for a beloved one?Everyone I know LOVES chocolate dipped strawberries.

They are definitely one of my favorite strawberry desserts, and they are an ideal gift to a special person.

But if you're like me, you probably won't be able to do them yourself. At least not the really magnificent ones you see on the photos on this page. The kind of chocolate dipped strawberries you want to give away with pride and love.

Maybe you have already heard of Shari Berries The company is dedicated to creating the world's greatest chocolate dipped strawberries.

That's what they say, but once you have tried their products, you will agree.

Unfortunately chocolate dipped berries are only shipped inside the United States. Probably, this is a way to guarantee the highest quality and freshness of the products. Shari's Berries decided to sell less quantity in order to over-deliver and sell only the very best quality of chocolate covered strawberries.

The flagship product are definitely the Strawberry Roses

Just have a close look at the photo:Aren't the Strawberry Roses magnificent? Don't they look so elegant and romantic? I can already feel the sweet and fruity taste watering my mouth...

They should make the chocolate dipped strawberries downloadable directly from the internet ;-)

Maybe sometime in the future this will be possible, but for the time being, you have to order the chocolate covered strawberries and wait for snail mail to deliver them within 24 hours. :-)

The problem is, the Strawberry Roses are almost too wonderful to be eaten. You'll probably feel a little guilty eating them.

At least I do :-) But then, I feel the same way when eating a Chocolate Santa Claus.

Apart from the Strawberry Roses, Shari's Berries offer a wide variety of Hand Dipped Strawberries and other berries. But the chocolate covered strawberries are definitely the best choice and they're a real woman's product.

And because Shari Fitzgerald, the owner of the company, is a woman too, she has just recently introduced a new product line that will definitely delight you:

For everyone who is watching their waistlines (and who isn't??) you can now enjoy the sugar-free dipped strawberry creations.

Same delicious taste, no sugar! Isn't this good news?

If there is a "woman's product", there must be a "man's product" as well:

Tuxedos in Style

These chocolate covered strawberries are luxuriously decorated to fashion a classic tuxedo. This is the perfect gift for the man you love!

He would probably never buy it himself, but he'd definitely enjoy the Tuxedos in Style, if they're given to him. And he'll appreciate you even more, knowing that you have such an elegant and "tasteful" taste.

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